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Hand-written love
lasts a lifetime.

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and into your pocket.


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Our mission is to spread hand-written love everywhere.

It starts in your pocket.

About The Founder

Winfred profile

Winfred Nadeau

My family is a card-giving family, even as we have lost some of the more prolific card-givers over time. Every time I receive one, I struggle to decide “should I box it and keep it? or does it belong in the trash?”. After all, my physical box of letters is only so big.

This little box of letters has followed me everywhere I've lived, both as a mild burden and a source of strength reminding me that I am loved. As I grow older, I wish I had kept more of the hand-written love from the people I can’t talk to any more.

Everyone deserves to feel love, to remember that they are loved, and to hold in their hand the words that summon this positive force.

What if we had hand-written love with us at a taps’ notice any time?

This question has followed me since 2011 throughout my career in software product development, guiding me through each twist and turn.

  • created first company in 2005 at age 16 in computer repair & home installs
  • started programming in 2011
  • have been developing & designing products since 2012
  • became the first hire at Hired in 2012
  • have worn many hats: customer support, coder, management, product, design, marketer...
  • am still having a blast with Hired, 4.5 years later
  • became a father to a beautiful family in 2015
  • moved to cozy Minnesota in 2017
  • now have the time, space, and experience to make something that spreads love in this world

As I begin the next phase of this journey, I am so excited to make you something to
help you remember that you are loved.

- Winfred

Made with love in cozy Minnesota.